COVID - 19 Washington Wellesley Club Message from the President

Dear Fellow Washington Wellesley Club Members,
I am writing you to update you on our Club’s response to the Coronavirus situation. To protect the health of our community, we with great disappointment decided to cancel all Club events that had been scheduled for March and April, including the upcoming performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Kennedy Center on April 26th. We had been hoping to be able to keep that event on our calendar but the Kennedy Center canceled all performances through May 10th. Health and safety guidance from the College and state and local governments has also gotten stronger over the past week. Everyone who purchased a ticket for the events that we canceled will by this time have received an email with information about receiving your full refund. If you have any questions regarding the cancellations please email
NOTE: Events that are held by independent groups such as the Wellesley Literary Circle and Friends of Art are making their own decisions regarding events and are not included in the WWC cancellations.
We have not yet canceled the Annual Meeting on June 24th with Paula Johnson and hope to be able to carry it out and make it a great success. The Coronavirus crisis evolves every day and we will keep you informed as our plans change. We recognize that our programs provide community, support and an uplifting experience to our area alumnae. We remain committed to being there for you as much we can within the constraints of this rapidly evolving situation.
The mission of the WWC is to connect area alumnae to the College and one another. To that aim, we are extremely excited about our initiative to provide outreach and support to all members of our community who are in need right now, whether it be that they are in need of groceries, vital services or are feeling isolated. Using the link below, you can OFFER to send a friendly letter or postcard, OFFER assistance with grocery and pharmacy drop-offs, or REQUEST a contact or assistance.
Warm Regards,
Jessica Lee, WWC President