Dear Washington Wellesley Club Members, 

Each year, the Washington Wellesley Club holds board elections for half of its board officers. Over the past several years, the Club has found that staggering officers’ terms promotes club operational continuity and builds institutional knowledge. The Club elects these new officers at the Annual Meeting. The 2018 Annual Meeting will be on June 19, 2018. 

This year, the nominating committee sought nominations for four offices: President, Secretary, Programs, and Media/Communications. The nominating committee presents the following slate of candidates for your consideration and for your vote at the Annual Meeting.

Thank you for considering this slate, and for all that you do for the Washington Wellesley Club Community. 


Erin Flannery-Keith ‘05
Beth McKinnon ’72
Karen Williamson ‘69


President – Jessica Lee, Class of 1988
Jessica is nominated for her second term as President. She is a portfolio manager and financial advisor at RBC Capital Markets. She is the board vice president of Smyal, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT youth in the DC area. Jessica has been a WWC board member since 2012 and has been President since 2016. Jessica is committed to building board professionalism, alumnae community inclusion, and helping alumnae find resources and connections within the DC-area community that allow them to be innovative and resilient. 

Vice President of Media and Communications - Brittany Lamon-Parades, Class of 2015
Brittany serves in the U.S Naval Reserves and brings her experience volunteering as Class of 2015 officer and a Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network (WLAN) regional representative. She is also the former Book Awards Chair of the Wellesley College Club of Los Angeles. As a Wellesley student worker at the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, she managed all of the WCAA’s social media. 

Secretary – Nicole Stinson, Class of 2004
Nicole is an Associate General Counsel at the Inter-American Foundation, a small government agency that provides grants to Central American and Caribbean communities. She enjoys participating in DC-area Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent (WAAD) volunteer events and also volunteers as a mentor with the Women’s Bar Association. She plans to bring her strong communication and organizational skills to the role of Secretary. 

Vice President of Programs – Tabitha Kibuka, Class of 1999
Tabitha is currently a WWC Co-Vice President for Shared Interest Groups and has been on the board since 2014. She is an international health and development professional who has worked extensively in East Africa. Tabitha has been instrumental in connecting the WWC’s Shared Interest Group leaders and communities by identifying and acting on their programmatic needs. She will focus on establishing a new programs committee to increase the club’s programming capacity and inclusiveness.