Featured Member: Amy Huang '99

Amy Huang ’99 is a Regional Technology Manager at Marsh & McLennan Companies in D.C. She is also mom to a French bulldog named Hazel.

What made her choose Wellesley: I was very impressed when my family visited campus. It was during finals and my father had cornered this poor girl sitting at a picnic table trying to study. She ended up spending hours with us answering questions. I was like, wow, this is an amazing place, where even during finals, students will take the time to talk with you and share with you.

Her favorite class at Wellesley: I really enjoyed gay and lesbian literature, which was the only Women’s Studies class I took. I should have taken more! The Chinese Studies department was fantastic. I came in as an international relations major and quickly ended up taking any class that had to do with China. So that became a Chinese Studies major and an econ minor.

On living in the “Sardine Can”: My first year I was in Severance, in a room where they tried to fit three students! Then after that I was an RA in Davis and HP of Davis my senior year.

On launching a career in finance: At Wellesley, I was really focused on recruiting. I got into Prudential’s leadership program and moved back to New Jersey. It was out of Newark, New Jersey and it was a three-year rotational program. I completed the program and decided I wanted to go into alternative investments and focus on the security side of the business rather than the insurance side of the business.

Why she decided to do a part-time (rather than full-time) MBA: I got into the NYU MBA program. During a tour of the dorm, one of the students held up a roll of toilet paper and said, “I’m going to end up paying interest on this.” So I switched into the part-time program and continued to work.

On persevering through two rounds of layoffs: I was laid off twice in the financial services industry. After my first layoff from Prudential I was able to land pretty quickly at Lehman Brothers. But after the second layoff, I moved to D.C. and found out pretty quickly that D.C. was not New York. A lot of the jobs that would have made sense for my background and skills do not exist in D.C. If they did, they were called different things. It took me almost a year to really get a new opportunity in D.C.

How she pivoted careers in D.C.: I had to relearn what were the jobs and skills that people were hiring for in D.C. and how I could translate my New York work experience here. I ended up pivoting away from the financial industry into federal government consulting. I learned a whole new kind of skillset, which was software development and project management and managing technology programs, which was very different from managing alternative asset marketing. Very different. But I found that there were a lot of skills that translated very easily. I enjoyed the work. I love growing teams. I love making teams more efficient and kind of unleashing their potential.

How she landed in a perfect-fit job: Two years ago, one of the first friends I made at Prudential called me and said, “there’s a job opening up in D.C. and I think you’d be great at it.” Marsh and McClellan is composed of four operating companies. Two of them have to do with strategy and health benefits consulting, the other two have to do with insurance, reinsurance, and risk management. So it is so interesting that all the weird twists and turns in my career – insurance, marketing, professional services, and IT management – all of this comes together in thisjob. I’m the regional manager in their corporate division supporting their on-site technical support. I support all the offices from Maryland to Florida, Bermuda, Barbados and Cayman Islands – about 50 offices – and I have a team of 25 onsite technology support professionals.

What she loves about D.C.: I live in Logan Circle. I love this area. I love the walkability first and foremost. I don’t have a car. I’m able to walk everywhere. I have a ten-minute walk to work. Whole Foods is two blocks away. Lots of Wellesley in the area too. I’ve been organizing a quarterly class of ’99 lunch. Our most recent lunch was in December. It is nice to get people together!

Pictured: Amy Huang, Lindsey Woodson Vick, and Giulietta Versiglia at a Class of ’99 reunion lunch in December.


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